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Learn the Anatomy of an Effective Summer Internship Program with Apprenace

March 22, 2018

Hiring an intern? Thinking about hiring an intern? Have you been disappointed by interns in the past? We know what it takes to hire fresh talent and create a valuable experience for all parties.

Join us on Thursday, March 22 at 3:30pm to learn the anatomy of an effective summer internship program with speaker, mentor, community leader, and Apprenace founder Chris The Brain. In this seminar, Chris will discuss common mistakes and misconceptions of interns, the onboarding and departure of interns, how young talent can provide fresh insight into your business, and more. The goal of this discussion is for you to leave with the knowledge needed to facilitate a summer internship that adds value to your business, gives a young person a positive work experience, and doesn’t put a burden on your team.

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